Bubblews a web where you get paid to write articles, except that they don´t pay you.

This is what happened to my wife, two Months writing articles for them and over $52,00 earnings and of course NO payment.

An she is not the only they´ve done this to. When she claimed by e.mail to them why thy did not pay her all they said is "we´ll look into it" till today.

This is another scam website and she is not the only one they have done this two, for the last four five Months they have done this to loads of people.

Monetary Loss: $52.

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Bubblews refuse to pay even old members who have never violated any terms and conditions. I was also one of them although I joined them in early July!

The same day I redeemed was the same day they posted a violation warning (by bubblewsSupport2).

They have NEVER responded to any emails (questions) to them other than those that report other true spammers and violators.

Not even questions about whether something like linking to my own blog is allowed.

What I redeemed ($128) and non-redeemed came up to $199 for me (unpaid).

Please sign this petition if you have been victimized: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/bubblews-non-payment

Or else report to the FBI and FTC online! They should be shut down ASAP before more people gets scammed!


Yes they are scamsters! I also found out some DIRT about them!


They suspend people when people nearly go $50.00USD because bubblews does not want to pay money to people. they not only rise from $25 to $50 they even delay the people - they delay people on the payment period.

I still remember that I got suspended in $46.35USD and wish to write to people bubblews is scam site !!!!!


My w1cht3l bubblews got suspended when it was $46.35.


I got suspended when I goes $46.35. yes bubblews suspend people when they redeem payment

to w1cht3l #802760

my w1cht3l bubblews got suspended March 2014, with $46.35 final accumulated payment.

London, London, United Kingdom #799736

I also did a lot of writing for them and reached over $100,00 and they NEVER PAID me either. BUBBLEWS IS A SCAM SITE!

to Rosi #802757

bubblews would suspend if you redeem payment. they dont want to pay us


I heard about them lately and how they scam people by not paying them either, specially those that are not from the USA or the UK, well another of the many scam sites of course.

to Joe22 #802758

when people redeem payment ($50) bubblews staff would lock your account saying you violate site rules

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