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They promise to pay. They lie. They also lie about "speak freely, write your world." People who complain get reported by self-appointed censors. The posts are deleted and often the accounts are too, with no explanation or warning. The Bubblews contract doesn't say anything about that. Bubblews just keeps all your money.

The Bubblews contract says that if you break a rule with a post, you won't get paid for that post. The truth is, you won't get paid for any of your work: Bubblews will keep everything you earned on every post, even though you made a mistake only once. And Bubblews won't even tell you you broke a rule --- sometimes an unwritten rule --- until you try to redeem. So you can lose huge amounts of money.

Bubblews also doesn't pay when promised. It says it will pay within seven days, but it's more like three weeks IF the e-cheque isn't cancelled. More and more often, e-cheques bounce.

I wrote on Bubblews for months and didn't receive 11 payments totalling $600. I e-mailed again and again and finally got one form response saying they'd look into it. Every e-mail since has been ignored. I've e-mailed every week for six months now and no reply. My account is still active and still making money for Bubblews.

Bubblews is a SCAM!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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It is definitely a scam. They will pay at first then stop payment when you are already hooked and you have invited lots of friends to join in. Worst, they will tag you as a violator so they could divert the fault.

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