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Bubblews is scam or not ?

My friends and I got suspended when we redeem payments in $50 in

Why sometimes some peopel got paid and said that Bubblews is honest when most of us got suspended when we ask for payment like those who did not get suspended?

is it because bubblews does not really want to pay so suspend people without reasons, but claim they violate site rules.

reason why Bubblews suspend people when they redeem payments

Bubblews suspend people when they ask to pay in $50 to avoid paying to so many people. this is also a vaild proof and reason we found out why bubblews suspend people when people asked for payment, when they had even set up the redemption level from $25 to $50.

Any normal company would really pay when people gave them works. but bubblews would just keep suspend people when people ask for money, dont you feel strange?

If not avoid paying money to people, why bubblews suspend people when people ask for redemption? especially this case does not only happen on any one bubblers, there are a lot of people in bubblews being suspended just during their payment redemptions.

If bubblews does not have any money they should just print out just show out, just tell, not to suspend people to decrease members total to try to pay to fewer/less people. this is absurd to join bubblews if they would suspend people when people ask for what they worth.

Why some people said Bubblews IS NOT SCAM

They got paid. They got paid each time they asked for payment, they were lucky enough to be paid everytime they redeem payment. and they think that those who did not get paid must have violated rules when the truth is many people many recent posts/news speak that bubblews is nearly out of money and always unable to pay people in time.

Do you know why bubblews do that? they pay a few people, so when most people grumbled that they did not get paid, those FEW PAID MEMBERS would speak that BUBBLEWS PAY, IT REALLY PAIDS. IT MUST BE YOU HAVE PROBLEM SO NOT GETTING PAID. I GOT PAID, AT LEAST I GOT PAID EVERYTIME

I suspect bubblews choose people to pay money to.

Do you think it's fair that.....

Do you think it's fair that.....only some few people in bubblews got paid and tell stories/lies that , those who did not get paid is because they violated site rules, but when the banned bubblews people increases

we have to think that yes, bubblews does not really want to pay to so many people, so claim a lot of beautiful stories to cheat us thorough.

if they want people to say they are honest and non-scam, why dont they pay to all bubblews. they deceive and cheat people to type for themselves, but when people typed, reached $50 , they said that " your work is violating what rules, which rules, this rule, that rule, every rule. "

bubblews staff keeps using alibi to claim that people only get paid if they follow the site rules, but when people finish work, wish to redeem payments, they would be strict and keep deduct deduct deduct deduct deduct money from there, here, everywhere.......

that is why.....

yes bubblews is a scam. when you reach $50 and redeem payment, you may have the preparation to be SUSPENDED FROM BUBBLEWS

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Yes, bubblews is a scam. And they would not care if you are with them for more than a year.

Once your claim is high, they will simply delete your account for violation to avoid payment. That is their means of scamming. They hide behind the cloak of putting strict rules. Come on, look at the posts in that site, more than 90 % is non sense.

But these non sense things are paid because they belong to the slow earners in the site who cannot even construct a good English structure and are neophyte bloggers.


absolutely, today I posted and asked for the redeem button and I have found that my profile has been deleted.

I want to take this scroundrels to jail. I will not leave them .Just tell me where should I post now to file a complaint against bubblews

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